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The following contains the names and telephone numbers for the County Engineer's various facilities and divisions for requesting information about services. To further assist you, we have included the County Township designations and their public service numbers, as well as the Lorain County Highway Map.

The Office of County Engineer was created to serve you, the public. This website and information it contains is just one of the many ways in which it can. Please contact us with questions or comments. Thanks.

To inquire about:

County Roads and Bridge Projects
(440) 329-5586, (440) 329-5590 or in Lorain (440) 244-6261

Reporting County Road or Bridge Conditions
(440) 326-5880

If you see or know of road or bridge conditions in need of repair, or want to report a potential hazard, contact us! We'll see it's taken care of!

State or Township Roads

Ashland(419) 281-0513-ODOT
Oberlin(440) 774-6681-ODOT

If you need information about State, City, or Township highway and roads and are not sure whom to contact about it, call us! We'll tell you the proper agency to contact, the phone number and person (s) to report it to; and if an emergency, we'll make the calls for you!

Sanitary Engineering Projects
(440) 329-5584

Have a question about a storm or Sanitary Sewer project? Want to know more about tap-in fees, assessments or billing? Call the number above!

Want to report a broken waterline, sanitary back-up or wastewater treatment plant issue? Call 440-329-5584 Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

After 4:00 p.m. or on weekends call: 440-666-7165 Note: this number is "FOR SANITARY/WASTEWATER ISSUE OR BROKEN WATERLINE NOTIFICATION ONLY"

Tax Map
(440) 329-5272

Need tax map revisions or information? Aerial photos or plats? The Tax Map Office is responsive to these requests.


County Engineer Division

Administrative Offices/Sanitary Engineer
247 Hadaway Street
Elyria, Ohio 44035

Administrative OfficesElyria(440) 329-5586
Lorain(440) 244-6261
Sanitary Engineer(440) 329-5584
Draft/Survey Engineer(440) 329-5590
Fax(440) 329-5587

Highway Division/Garage
42100 Russia Road
Elyria, Ohio 44035

Highway Division(440) 326-5880
Paint and Sign Division(440) 326-5883
Mechanics Division(440) 326-5885

Tax Map Office
226 Middle Avenue
Elyria, Ohio 44035
(440) 329-5272

The County Engineer also acts as a Consulting Engineer for the 18 Unincorporated Townships of Lorain County. The Following is a list of the Townships and associated telephone numbers:

Amherst Township(440) 988-5894
Brighton Township(440) 647-4757
Brownhelm Township(440) 967-0626
Camden Township(440) 775-2441
Carlisle Township(440) 458-4491
Columbia Township(440) 236-8802
Eaton Township(440) 748-2857
Elyria Township(440) 324-5627
Grafton Township(440) 926-2166
Henrietta Township(440) 965-4909
Huntington Township(440) 647-4798
Lagrange Township(440) 355-6071
New Russia Township(440) 775-7782
Penfield Township(440) 315-5607
Pittsfield Township(440) 774-7223
Rochester Township(440) 929-8617
Sheffield Township(440) 277-4215
Wellington Township(440) 647-3801

Let Us Take Care Of You


Lorain County Engineer
Ken Carney P.E., P.S.
247 Hadaway St.
Elyria, OH 44035
Elyria: (440) 329-5586
Lorain: (440) 244-6261
Fax: (440) 329-5587
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